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Family Law Attorney

The very best legal representation 
during this difficult time.

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Whether you need an attorney to assist you or represent you,
I have 27 years of experience exclusively in Family Law matters.​​
​~ Nicole M Hausmann

Document Preparation, Coaching & Support  
Without The Need For Litigation

For those who have reached an agreement, or for those who want to control costs, I can prepare your documents and help you to understand the court's processes. 

I will help you with every step and be available should you require additional help with the court system. I can step in at any time to fully represent you as your Attorney of Record should you need me to. 

You pay for only the services you need.

Full Legal Representation

I am highly qualified to represent you in any aspect of your case with the court. You will not have to go to court alone or make oral arguments on your behalf. I will be by your side and speaking on your behalf.

 I also make sure all of your required documents are properly filed with the court  and that they address your concerns. Together we'll strategize a plan that best fits your situation. 

I Am There When You Need Me
Minimize Your Stress
Get Your Life Back On Track  

Document Preparation Coaching & Support
Divorce &
Matrimonial Law

Child Custody &
Visitation Rights

Document Preparation
Drafting Agreements
How to Get Through The System
Coaching & Mediation
Pre Nuptial Agreements
Post Nuptial Agreements
Marital Settlement Agreement 
Divorce Agreements
Judgment Agreements
Spousal Support & Alimony
Property Division

Child Support Obligations
Child Custody
Visitation Rights
  1. Not A One Size Fits All Attorney
    I will do my best to address all your concerns. Please call my office to see if I can help you determine the best strategy to suit your needs.
  2. Individualized & Cost-effective
    Together, we can make a balanced decision about how little or much help you need, and together we will determine how to proceed.
  3. Free Consulation
    Please call my office to see if I can help you determine the best strategy to suit your needs ~ Nicole M Hausmann
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